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Third Hemisphere

mixing, mastering and editing studio

Welcome to our studio. Here's what we offer you and why you should entrust your music to us

Third Hemisphere studio offers mixing, mastering and editing services for artists of wide range of styles and genres. Our goal is to help you relay the intentions and emotions of your music to your listeners in full. We treat the music as the message, and we tailor the sound so the message and all its nuances get through to the listener. We strive to realize your vision, but if you want we can help you form it too.

Your project gets our full attention, whether you're an established artist, aspiring newcomer, full band or ensemble, singer-songwriter or DJ. We don't shy away from any style and have a wide range of experience, however, no one is equally good at everything, so we disclose that our expertise shines the most on 'performed' music, such as Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Alternative, Funk, Country, Folk, Indie and MetalIncluding, but not limited to: Thrash, Stoner, Doom, Progressive, Death, Power, Speed, Groove, Post-, Pagan, Gothic, Atmospheric Black.

Why us

There’s a few things that set as apart. Our advantages include:

  • Fast and reliable turnaround
  • Strict Deadlines
  • Mix & Mastering engineer with performing musician’s experience: we know the needs and the struggle!
  • 3 revisions included, affordable extras
  • Clear guide to prepare your session files
  • No-nonsense communication. If something isn’t working, you get to know immediately
  • Optional pre-project discovery video chat
  • Pre-mastering included for mixing projects during reviews
  • Lean operation = affordable pricesWe don’t spend your money on buying praise from industry media and ‘influencers’, no CEO guru on payroll = we don’t spam and flood social streams.
  • We mix, master and edit: we’re not selling learning courses and books, not hyping our YT channel or anyone’s product.
  • Taste. We have it aplenty. Taste and confidence.

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Here’s a few examples of our mixing work.

Studio-Live Funk


Hard Rock


Studio-Live Chamber Pop






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Policies & FAQ

A list of policies we expect you to care about. Be confident in what you're paying for. FAQ below.

Project preparation

This is a short step-by-step guide for preparing your project before mixing and mastering. The key to successful and timely completion of our work lies in the preparation stage. The mixing/mastering engineer needs to quickly get into your project and familiarize himself with its structure. Good prior communication and clear understanding on your part of what you want to achieve in regards to the sound of your music is crucial.


The goal of mixing/mastering is to help the artist form the sonic landscape of their music and relay its intents and emotions to every listener. Here's what we offer you to make your music stand out & shine.